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Resume - Kevin DeWeese

Current Resume - Kevin DeWeese

This is my current work resume that focuses on Curriculum Design and Instructional Design.

eLearning and Technology Application

These are examples of working materials used in the workplace or personal pursuits that are meant to show my ability to use these mediums in a practical space.


      The following are Powerpoint Shows (.pps) that are meant to show my familiarity with the Powerpoint application.
Ecosci Powerpoint
   This was a promotional presentation created for prospective students who were interested in joining an Environmental Science Academy that I helped create at my high school work site.
Text Graphic Layout in Indesign
Indesign Layout Instructions
   These two presentations were created at in-class aids for students in my Creative Writing class during the units that involved using Adobe Indesign for self-publishing of their written work.
Signing up for Google Docs
   This was created as an instructional for students who needed to setup a Google Documents account in order to submit course work throughout the year.
Contextual Vocabulary PPS
   …will be posted at a later date...

Adobe Indesign
   These are example of Indesign instruction and use in my high school Creative Writing course.
Sulphur Like Sunburns
Sulphur Like Sunburns Indesign
   This pdf and its corresponding Indesign file is the result of a self-published collection of my short fiction and creative non-fiction work. All creative and formatting work was my responsibility.
Text Graphic Layout in Indesign
Indesign Layout Instructions
   These Powerpoint shows were utilized in the classroom during the instruction of a self-publishing creative works unit.
CW Zine Examples
   …will be posted at a later date...

Google Drive/Documents Survey Creation
Online Staff Eval Form
   This form is a pdf showing the online survey form that I developed to streamline weekly staff reviews while Program Director at my summer camp. By placing the reviews into an online survey using Google Drive/Docs I was able to allow my Activity Directors to quickly give feedback on the performance of their charges. In addition, this also made it easy to aggregate the input and create a quick one-sheet for the individual reviews. Implementing these online changes saved countless hours in review and prep time for my directors.

Online Forums in a Classroom Environment
   Online forums have ben useful tools in the recent decade and valuable for extending the classroom beyond the brick and mortar of the school site. The speed of social media platforms have made dedicated PHP forums less valuable than they once were.
PHP Forums in the Classroom
   This is a presentation that I developed to explain the way that a dedicated forum can be used in the classroom.

   These archived blogs that are now offline from my years teaching at Clayton Valley High School will be posted at some point. After the full wipe of my Website, I need to do a bit of work to reset and repost the Wordpress Databases for these installs.

The blogs are simple blog rolls where I would post information from each day, often in the form of iPhone flattened images taken of the whiteboard and the SMART Board and then uploaded via my phone. Quick, dirty, and effective for its purpose.

One thing I learned as a high school teacher is that if the purpose of the webpage is to deliver a backup of the information offered in class, making the page look pretty was far distant second to the priority of making it easy to put online so that I, as the teacher, could focus more time on face-to-face instruction and curriculum planning.
Archived Edu Blogs

Google Earth
   I have used Google Earth as a method of bringing information together and as a way of allowing students to learn to express their conceptual ideas about a text that takes place in the real world in an immersive and interactive space. This allows for the chance to teach digital literacy of both basic html coding as well as online publishing and formatting.
Literary Essays via Google Earth
   …will be posted at a later date...

Larger Unit Curriculum Planning

The following linked files are informational and instruction handouts that I created and gave to students in my courses. These are not (and should not be considered examples of) lesson plans or instructor-focused unit plans.

HS Senior Project Unit
   This the informational and content instruction packet that I put together for the high school Senior English Project that was a year-long unit (run concurrently with other units throughout the school year) that gave instruction to the students on creating a research Paper that incorporated personal experiential activities to allow the student to use themselves as a knowledgeable source for completion and presentation of their project.

Prewriting and Story Construction Packet
   This is the instruction packet for a Creative Writing Unit that allowed students to develop and build a story that would later be used in a Peer Editing Unit. These exercises were created specifically to focus on the use of tangible details to elucidate general concepts in fictional stories that the students would be responsible for writing.

   …will be posted at a later date...

Focused Instruction Material

These are smaller lesson plans for one to three day activities to be done in a classroom or work training environment.

Essay Outlining and Development
Understanding Metaphors
Bias in Standardized Testing
Backwards Spiderweb Story Theme
Camper Connection Web

Utilizing Client Prior Knowledge & Differentiated Assesments

These assessments were created with the goal of allowing students in the classroom to have variety of differentiated choices to maximize buy-in and success in expressing their unit content understanding.

Hero Myth Unit Final
Coming of Age Final Assessment

Peer Instruction / "Teaching the Student to be the Teacher"

These activities were created to teach facilitators at my summer camp to both help campers succeed in their camp experience and to allow the facilitators to understand the "why" of instruction in addition to the "how."

Team Building and Debriefing Theory Worksheet
How to Create a Lesson Plan for Camp Staff
Peer Editing in Creative Writing
    …will be posted at a later date...